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We sincerely congratulate you on the International Children's Day.
Dear friends, children, the younger generation!

The brightest, purest and kindest memories for each of us are associated with childhood - a time when the world around seems huge, the sky is cloudless, when you sincerely believe in a miracle and enjoy every new day. 
Over the years, these sensations weaken, but we carry childhood experiences throughout our lives. Therefore, this holiday is so important for adults who are responsible for the full and harmonious development of the younger generation. This kind children's holiday reminds us, adults, of the great responsibility we bear for the young generation, reminding adults of the need to respect children's rights to life, education, rest and leisure, to protection from physical and psychological violence, to protection from exploitation of child labor as necessary conditions for the formation of a fairer and just society. 
The main task for society is to educate our children to be smart, decent, educated. We must do everything to make them feel reliably protected and get a good start in life. There are a lot of talented young people in our country. We wish you, good luck and success in all your endeavors, happy holidays, new friends, happiness, joy and health! May the attention and care, love and warmth of adults always surround you.
We express our gratitude to everyone who, by the nature of their work, at the behest of their souls, does everything to make our children healthy, happy, develop spiritually, morally, and be useful to society.

Aliya Yunusova

Deputy Commissioner-Commissioner for Children's Rights